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Matthew Snelleksz, is an FCPA, business owner and founder of Velocity Accountants and Velocity Venture Capital (see linkedIn). He is a specialist in helping business owners grow their business so they get the monetary and lifestyle rewards they deserve. He is author of the ground-breaking business book “Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle” and is a much sought after keynote speaker and business and financial commentator.

He has over 20 years experience in helping business owners, large and small, all over the world “Fix” their businesses by growing their Sales, Profit and Cash and giving back to business owners the money and lifestyle they had always wanted and deserve.

He is the author of the book “Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle” a roadmap for business owners on how to earn more money, work less hours and get the lifestyle they deserve. He is passionate about helping business owners and believes that if you are in business then you deserve to be successful.

Hundreds of business owners have attended his Success Seminar Series and the Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle Master Class where Matthew reveals the specific tools and strategies you can implement immediately in your business so you can “Fix” your business and “Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle!”

If you are in business, you deserve to be successful!



This is what I am, first and foremost. I’m a qualified CPA, and have studied at Harvard Business School. I know my “stuff” and the mechanics of being successful in business.


I have written one of the most practical business books on the market today; Break the Entrepreneurial Struggle and I have several more books in development.


I have my own accounting business and I’ve spent the last 20 years helping business owners grow their businesses. I have the experience and street-smart credibility to advise businesses. I’m not some trumped-up marketeer or what I call “work-from-home” business coach.

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